Rebecca Friedman

Rebecca Friedman, Co-owner and Stylist at GoodForm Salon Hollywood, is an industry favorite in Los Angeles and New York. Her credible individuality and ability to create a unique aesthetic has kept her busy in both the salon and as a freelance artist. Los Angeles based celebrities call on Rebecca to create their distinctive styles; through luminous color and cuts to stunning red carpet styles Rebecca stays in high demand.

Rebecca is a San Francisco native who spent much of her time in New York and the UK. Her mother and Uncle were both major inspirations for her due to their involvement with the British mod movement and Warhol/ Haring art movement of New York. Rebecca got her start in hair after her Uncle suggested she place her adoration of art and pop culture to good use. Rebecca applies much of that classic british sensibility coupled with New York edge and California laid back style to all that she does and it shines in her on point styling.

After she finished University she graduated from beauty school and worked steadily doing hair and make-up with the San Francisco Opera. She soon branched out slowly making her way south to meet up with innovative stylist Boyd Tizenor, who unknowingly guided her to Los Angeles and what is now GoodForm salon. Her path was to move to New york and continue her freelance growth as she was working on music videos with the likes of directors McG and Chris Applebaum for artists such as Brittany Spears and Mick Jagger. But Rebecca soon found that she adored her now co-owner Jay Diola and liked being Bi-coastal. This freedom afforded her the pleasure of working along side Danilo, Bob Racine and Renato Campora for various high profile campaigns and numerous Fashion Weeks.

Clients include Kim Kardashian, Chloe Sevigny, Vanessa Milano, Kristine Elezaj, Kimberly Wyatt and photographers Ellen Von Underworth, Matthew Rolston, and David La Chapelle to name a few.


Jay Diola

I am a mechanic and craftsman at heart. I build motorcycles, cars and built most of my house. The idea of taking something and transform it has always appealed to me, it transcends wood and metal and can be applied to hair dressing. Its all problem solving and ingenuity knowing what the hair should look like and assessing what challenges exist. It's a really cool process.

Growing up in Santa Cruz I started surfing, so when i wasn't building something I was in the water. I feel super connected to nature and the fluidity of the ocean, it's movement is ever-changing and you constantly learn to navigate its beauty, much like I do in my work. I think my approach to hair dressing falls somewhere between understanding the mechanics of my craft , building a strong foundation while adhering to the natural movement of the hair.

At 20 I moved to Los Angeles wanting to expand my knowledge of my craft and fell in with a great group of hair and beauty professionals who helped mold me into who I am today. Now as one of the owners of Goodform I am able to lend my 20 years of experience in this industry to my work both in and out of the salon ,striving to teach , learn and inspire everyday. I feel fortunate to have a job that can make people look and feel great.

I also have a great love for music and have been bestowed the role of music curator at Goodform.

Website: JayDiola.com


what type of dance style best describes your hairdressing style?
i would have to say 60 /40 split of breakdance and lambada.  its a very structured and athletic dance, while also graceful, with just the right amount of forbidden thrown in to keep it interesting.

What book best describes you?
one hundred years of solitude.  Kind of self explanatory.  

what  guilty pleasure would you use to describe yourself?



Cynthia Kendall

Styling for Cynthia is all about elevating the natural beauty in her clients. With 10 years of experience Cynthia applies her approach of effortless beauty to anyone that sits in her chair. Her haircutting is impeccable in design and she posses a keen eye for her clients individual needs. Cynthia draws inspiration from the world around her often spotting trends before they become mainstream. Her haircoloring approach is to take what her clients naturally have and enhancing it to.


Jeff Verbeck

Born and raise in the Arizona desert a hair dressing career seamed far fetched. Jeff came to Los Angeles on the heels of his eldest sister who had been scouted as a model. 


Finding himself being encouraged again by older sister Kim, who had transitioned into hair and make up. He too decided to take the plunge .After completion of school Jeff decided to immerse himself in the very specialized area of mens grooming. This specific practice of hair dressing pays homage to a time and era of mens barbering almost forgotten and requires certain prowess that spoke to Jeff.


 After years of perfecting his craft,he began to feel stifled by the narrowness of his focus.With a longing to expand his knowledge he began an apprenticeship at Goodform to learn the artistry of hair color and to hone his skill set in women's hairdressing.


      With over two years training under Goodform owners Rebecca and Jay learning the theory and practice of color,Jeff has become an impressively well rounded hair dresser.His tendency toward hand painted highlights gives his color an authentic subtlety .


Jeff is continually evolving and finds inspiration from watching the world through his young sons eyes.He lives with his lovely wife Kate his son Luke and their dog Roxy.


Elleri marossy


emma parkes


Born and raised in Los Angeles, Emma has always been interested in the art and creativity of doing hair. At a very young age she loved braiding and playing with her friends hair, later it was the natural progression into a career. She trained and received her cosmetology license in 2010 and has been pushing forward ever since.

Emma started at Goodform in 2011 to assist celebrity hair stylist, Rebecca Friedman who mentored her skills and cultivated creativity. In 2013 Emma moved to New York City determined to continue her knowledge of hair. She landed a job at Dop Dop Salon in Soho, getting the chance to work under industry leaders with L’Oreal and Redken educators such as Jo Blackwell-Preston, Josie Sanchez, Lori Zabel, Jay Vosper and Theresa Adams.

After a hard year in the Big Apple, honing her skills as a colorist and taking weekly classes lead by the best educators New York has to offer. Emma came back to her roots in Los Angeles where she is taking the tools she learned to Goodform Salon.

With just the right mix of the advanced technical training of New York, and the natural California edge, Emma’s approach to cut and color has style of its own.


Lorenzo Rodrigez


Amalia Moscoso

Visionary hair stylist and colorist Amalia Moscoso sets the bar high for the art of styling. Her innovative techniques, personalized client attention, and renowned customized hair extension expertise make her a widely sought after stylist in both New York and Los Angeles.

Amalia Moscoso began her career in 2000 when she partnered with the Hair Police, an internationally recognized hair team specializing in extensions. Taking from her time spent shadowing iconic colorist Rita Hazan in New York and her partnership with luxurious and world-renowned color line Alfaparf, Moscoso inspires her loyal stylist following via seminars in both color and cut.
Through her continued product research in the extension market, Moscoso is able to tailor the color, length, and consistency of her client’s extensions with keen precision and innate attention to detail. Her technique provides clients with a completely natural feel while allowing flexibility to transform their look instantly with no permanent commitment — allowing the ability to wash, style, curl, and flat iron their extensions the same way they would with their own hair.

Amalia Moscoso has stamped her name on the technique of ‘dry-cutting’; perfecting a process that she feels is an integral part in providing precise, wearable cuts to her clients. Her conviction for creating a dry-cut masterpiece is underlined by her understanding that dry hair is usually placed where it naturally falls, painting clients an exact picture of how the hair will fare during the cutting process.

Adding to her core cutting and coloring services Moscoso offers extensive, expert lessons and how-to’s on both an individual and group basis. Her work is consistently featured in hair tradeshows across the nation and requested by A-List clientele. She is also accomplished in bridal updos, able to accommodate large bridal parties with dual hair and makeup styling services. In addition, Moscoso continues to create looks for fashion week runway shows, advertising campaigns, editorial content, and recording artists.

Amalia Moscoso wanted to bring her expertise of glamour and intimacy to the everyday hair obsessor in a much more accessible way — and so was born The Hair Dame. The Hair Dame is setting new standards for expertise in hair styling alongside the best hairstylists in beauty, fashion, and entertainment industries. She is bringing them to you through TheHairDame.com.

If you would like to see photo from her book go here


Lillian Olmedo


Julie Rea

From the charcoal grey-green Northwest, Julie’s early years were spent in the rural and city atmospheres redolent in off-kilter sensibility to David Lynch’s small towns. Injected into the avant-garde art scene by simply traversing the streets of Seattle, she first pursued hairdressing at 15. By the time she was 17 years old she was creating her first wig collection.

“I see everything as if it were a painting.. And I love how one small detail can change the impression of how you first see someone’s face. Like the stroke of a paintbrush or tiny light that shines through a piece of cracked wood. It’s very important to me how a client see’s themselves when relating to the world. Expression, whether it be clothes you wear, hair, makeup or creativity affects perception and can be an integral part of how we are perceiving in life. Very exciting. I like to think that hairdressers have a small part in that shaping of a daily life!”

As Julie moved from head to head, word spread from mouth to mouth of this prodigy of the coiffe. In the blink of an eye she was scouted, scooped, set as one of the youngest female Platform Artists to work on stage educating hundreds of hairdressers across America at the age of 18 years old.

After some years, Julie thirsted for new ways and places to expand creative endeavors: Hollywood.

“Cinematic chiaroscuro has always interested me, it’s a reality you see when growing up in the Northwest. There is a dramatic change of light that occurs all day long.”

for Julie's work please go here